Ignition poker was specifically launched to satisfy the needs of their players

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Ignition poker was specifically launched to satisfy the needs of their players and in a bid to continually push the limits and set new standards, they continually add amazing features to their already impressive array of features. This article will look at some of the most random features on the site that will leave you speechless, here they are;

  • The site allows players to use poker points as a means of exchange. This is because they want to give players a wide range of options that will make gaming easy, competitive and rewarding. Players can convert poker points into tickets that will give them access to various tournaments on the platform. The site allows players to convert up to 5,000,000 poker points each month at an exchange rate of 200 poker points for $1. Also, on the 1st of October every year, all poker points expire and any unused poker points will be removed on October 1 every year. An exception to this rule are the people that register in the month of September, such people will not have their points removed until the following year. There are 3 easy steps when it comes to converting your poker points;
  • Firstly, you “LOG IN” in to the poker client and go to your “My poker Tab” followed by clicking on “points to ticket” option.
  • Secondly, select the tournament ticket or casino bonus which you want to convert your points to.
  • Lastly, click on “convert” and you are ready to go!
  • What is better than landing a pot winning royal flush? It has got to be pocketing bonuses. Ignition Poker offers bonuses on Texas Hold’em cash games. When you hit this powerhouse hand, you will be rewarded with a bonus that is a staggering 50X the games big blind. This can be as much as $200, what can players do to get this reward? In order to get this reward;
  • A player’s hand must win the pot although it does not have to go to shut-down.
  • Such a player must make use of both pocket cards
  • Three or more players must be dealt into the hand
  • Tournaments are not included in this reward; therefore, a player must be playing Texas Hold’em cash games to get this reward.
  • Ignition Poker also makes provisions that will help players shake off a bad beat, In cases like this, the site will toss bonuses the way of the player. Such a player can get back the bonus by satisfying certain conditions, these are some of them;
  • Both pocket cards must be used by both the losing and winning hand
  • There must be three or more players who are dealt into the hand

All bonuses are processed in record times; this is why Ignition poker is on a higher level than most of their competitors. They give players the opportunity to play their favorite games but beyond that, they offer a lot of opportunities (even when players lose).


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